Located in the heart of the Milan district, known for its iconic fashion and design influences, Impatia embodies creativity and a flair for design in everything it does. Uniting the traditions of Italian design, art and craftsmanship to produce bespoke luxury gaming tables.
At its core, Impatia manifests the principle of daring, distinct design that is destined to become a true classic.

At Impatia each creation is a tale of excellence, driven by the core value of empathy.

The human-to-human approach creates a journey of exploration, which is highlighted by technical development, high-quality materials and incomparable aesthetic refinement.

The development of each product is full of interpretation from the first glance, becoming a representation of a lifestyle and an instantly recognizable identity, that pushes to reinvent the classics.

“Impatia was inspired from the desire to create daring and distinct design objects that would push the boundaries of the game table industry.”

Gregg Brodarick is the founder and creative director of Impatia. Originally from the USA, Brodarick has been deeply rooted in Italy for the past 27 years. He has an extensive background in architecture, and eventually founded Impatia in the hopes of developing design products that showcase beautiful aesthetics along with functionality, to bring clients a luxury experience like no other.

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