Derby Collection: A Beautiful Way to Have Fun

To celebrate the return of Milano Design Week, IMPATIA is excited to share with all the design and luxury enthusiasts a new fundamental step in its innovation of classic game tables: the new Derby Collection, dedicated to the beloved game of table football.

Produced exclusively in Italy by selected artisans, Derby di Milano is characterized by a crystalline glass playing field, supported by a refined solid wood structure. Modern design touches such as geometric handles and sublime metal details allow Derby to elevate the game of table football to new heights, achieving an elegant balance between contemporaneity and the renowned excellence of Italian craftsmanship.

As the name suggests, Derby represents a new, exciting challenge for IMPATIA. Conceptually born amid worldly social and technological transformations, it aims to synthesize two irreconcilable concepts: luxury design and prevalence. The design is a result of the company’s creative team led by IMPATIA’s founder Gregg Brodarick who is also an architect active in various international projects, and designer Lucia Guazzi, who can enhance new aspects of the game with a fresh and contemporary vision.

Derby di Milano is currently available in three exclusive wood versions: natural, brown, and smoked gray, with chromed finished metal rods that illuminate twenty-two players in anodized aluminum. Like any other IMPATIA game table, the production of every single piece can be tailor-made to each order received.

The first deliveries are to begin in January 2022.

A Lavish Game Set Collection Like No Other

As we continue the journey to infuse the world of game tables with luxury and design, IMPATIA introduces the launch of a precious leather game set collection. Designed in-house by the IMPATIA R&D team, this new range of exquisite accessories is the epitome of Italian-made craftsmanship.

Carefully curated from the highest quality of material, these lavish game sets showcase vivid colors complemented by rich natural textures. Minimalist in design and timeless in their beauty, each set highlights a significant level of mastery exhibited by talented Italian leatherworkers.

Now available in a series of billiards, checkers, backgammon, mahjong, and poker, this unique collection combines the elegance of exotic skins with the modern touch of glass and metal components. Far from the ordinary, these collectible design pieces are bound to enhance any game table.

*All leathers used in this collection are supplied by Louisiane – Gruppo Hcp, which ensure secure, ethical, and respectful welfare of animals with a guaranteed unit traceability.


Lungolinea leather: a beautiful way to have fun.

Just in case an all-glass game table was not luxurious enough. Impatia is delighted to unveil the launch of the Lungolinea Leather ping pong table designed by Adriano Design.

Made exclusively in Italy, this sophisticated design piece boasts a refined glass playing surface complemented by exquisitely handcrafted leather legs, available in a range of 10 finishes.

Modern in design and rich in detailing, the Lungolinea Leather embodies an effortless elegance that ultimately sheds light on a beautiful way to have fun.

For more information please reach out to

Unootto black: a visionary spirit with a bold elegance.

With a continuous passion for play and desire to reinvent the classics, IMPATIA is excited to unveil an all-black edition of the Unootto Marble Poker Table.

Created for a game where focus is key, this outstanding design piece sets the mood and leaves a lasting impression. Sophisticated in design, and refined in its form, the Unootto poker table features a smoked glass exterior frame, tied in together with a black marble trim and Alcantara playing field. The table itself is supported by Black nickel legs.

Made exclusively in Italy, the newly launched black edition, highlights a tailor-made experience that brings together a luxurious range of materiality and premium craftsmanship.

For more information please reach out to

Filotto wood: a new contemporary presence.

At IMPATIA, we continuously strive to push the boundaries of the luxury game table industry, and that is why we are excited to announce the launch of the Filotto Wood.

A tribute to the classic game of billiards, this outstanding design piece showcases a harmonized use of materiality inspired by the warm touch of wood. Now available for ordering, the this new edition embodies a natural elegance with varied textures and natural hues; Specifically present in its prominent Oak wood legs.

Diverse in materials, this modern pool table is handcrafted by artisans and exclusively made to order in Italy, with the option of three different Oak finishes along with a variety of other customizations.

Bold in character and attentive in its features, the Filotto Wood is a uniformly sophisticated pool table that is bound to be timeless.

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Stunning Razor House Owned By Alicia Keys Features Filotto.

Originally designed by famed architect Wallace E. Cunningham, the ultramodern Razor House is perched high on the cliffside overlooking panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean in La Jolla.Purchased last year by renowned Grammy-winning singer Alicia Keys and music producer husband Swizz Beatz, The home is anything but ordinary. The incredible multilevel residence surrounds the natural landscape, featuring prominent glass façades highlighting the beautiful view. Modern and sleek in every aspect the home features IMPATIA’s contemporary Filotto pool table which is a perfect match for this luxurious home.

Photo Credit: Gary Kasl

Introducing The Filotto Gold Edition Billiard Table.

There are no limits when it comes to luxury, that is why at IMPATIA, we are excited to launch the Filotto Gold Edition pool table featuring 24k gold plated connecting joints and components.
Officially available for ordering now, this version is a revived rendition of the classic Filotto designed by Adriano Design for IMPATIA. The presented Gold Edition radiates a sleek elegance that is bound to become the epitome of luxurious design; featuring opulent 24k gold plated components, created by Italian goldsmiths on the table’s exterior glass structure and base of each leg.


Impatia luxury Filotto table on Florida Design Miami Edition.

Impatia’s FILOTTO pool table has been featured in the Florida Design Miami Edition, Vol 16-1, highlighting the table’s beautiful crystal clear aesthetic amongst other design pieces that can add a flair to any living space.

Curated specially by Florida Design, the publication focuses on showcasing fine interior design, furnishings, architecture and luxurious lifestyles.

Courtesy of Florida Design. Article Link PRODUCT BROCHURE

Impatia & Cantoni Trade: luxury tables in Dallas.

Impatia is excited to share the launch of a new collaboration with Cantoni Trade in Dallas, a one stop resource for the Texas design community.

Cantoni Trade interactive space comprises a curated design portfolio complete with kitchen and closet systems as well as interior and outdoor furnishings from exclusive brands.

Since 1990, Cantoni has operated Contempo Designs–dedicated solely to the A&D (architecture and design) community–in the Dallas World Trade Center and the Houston Decorative Center.

Impatia & Jetex: exclusive fun before your flight.

Impatia is excited to share the launch of a new collaboration with Jetex in Dubai!

Known as a global leader in execution aviation, Jetex recently opened a new entertainment area in its signature VIP lounge, featuring Impatia’s Tuttuno Backgammon Edition table along with the Lungolinea Table tennis.

Exclusively made, the tables feature custom brand colors along with logo engravings to highlight the luxury essence and personalized services in the VIP Lounge.

A poker night with James Harden.

Created for one of basketball’s most celebrated players, Impatia had the pleasure of working on custom Unootto poker tables for James Harden!

Thanks to CB2 + GQ Collection and People Magazine’s coverage, we take an exclusive look inside the NBA all-stars Texas home. Impatia is excited to share this special project and all the personalized touches that went into making the poker tables, Ping Pong table and accessories.

The Unootto 8 player poker tables feature a white marble top structure accompanied by an Alcantara playing surface engraved with the Harden’s personal logo along with custom design poker chips.

Impatia @ Swiss Design Award 19.

Impatia is proud to announce that the Lungolinea Wood Edition Ping Pong table, designed by Davide and Gabriele Adriano, has been selected among the finalists for this year’s LDD award sponsored by Palo Alto SA.

Promoted and organized as part of artecasalugano, LDD-Award 19 recognizes design excellence in a range of design disciplines with the aim of rewarding and enhancing the skills of designers, architects and companies.

As part of the collective exhibition, the Lungolinea Wood Edition Ping Pong table, amongother finalists will be on display in the Design Gallery located in the Lugano design district from October 11th -20th.

LDD Award | Lugano (Switzerland)
Lugano Exhibition Center

Impatia wins best bespoke luxury design company 2019.

We are excited to announce that IMPATIA has been awarded the Best Bespoke Luxury Design Company by the BUILD Home and Garden Awards.

Curated by BUILD magazine, the awards showcase a wide array of businesses and enterprises that provide outstanding products and services for the home.

Impatia is proud to be the front runner for bespoke luxury design companies and continue to pave the way for creating one of a kind game tables.


Play like a pro, play like james harden!

James Harden, the american basketball NBA star for the Houston Rockets, is also a ping pong champion! Check out this video, where James is playing on his Lungolinea table, in his home in Texas.

Discover Lungolinea wood edition ping pong table.

Launched exclusively at Salone del Mobile 2019, our Lungolinea ping pong table Wood Edition is now on our website.

This new edition of the Lungolinea incorporates detailing in ash wood adding a soft warm touch to the glass transparent exterior of the table. The brown Alcantara® net fits perfectly on this stunning table that, we are sure, you will love.

Discover this new amazing version here.

Play every hand with the Unootto wood edition poker table.

“Just play every hand, you can’t miss them all.” (Sammy Farha)

Discover all the details of our Unootto poker table Wood Edition, launched exclusively at Salone del Mobile 2019.

The refined lines of the Unootto poker table welcome the player into the zone, that magic area in which the individual becomes one with the table, plunging into the game to the point of being able to predict his opponents’ moves and transform his own to elicit success.

Mahjongg or Backgammon? Tuttuno!

Discover the new shape of our Tuttuno game table, launched exclusively at Salone del Mobile 2019.

This crystal glass table is designed to accommodate two or four players. The minimalistic design gives off the unique impression that the table is floating. Its design incorporates complexity and high-quality material selection.

The table is available in the Mahjongg Edition or the Backgammon Edition, which includes exclusive game box sets developed by Impatia.

Lungolinea in Manhattan.

Impatia’s Gold Edition Lungolinea table tennis was recently featured in a beautiful private residence in downtown Manhattan, designed by Elena Frampton.


Impatia + Blatt Billiards, the perfect match!

Impatia is proud to announce the partnership with Blatt Billiards in New York. Established in 1923, the company is one America’s leading trusted names in Billiard tables. Providing premium tables with strong values in craftsmanship and traditions, Blatt Billiards shares the same passion as Impatia for a high quality gaming experience like no other.

Even Floyd Mayweather loves our Lungolinea.

Floyd Mayweather chose the Lungolinea chrome edition ping pong table for his new home. We hope he will enjoy playing on this stunning transparent game table, a sublime witness of the most advanced Made in Italy technology, that poses no limits to the game.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Unootto poker table.

The Unootto Marble Edition poker table is officially launced. This special edition greatly elevates the similarity sought by the designer, Enrico Azzimonti, between the gaming table and the diamond.

The entire structure is made of low-iron glass and is inspired by the classic cut of the precious stone. The octagonal table consists of a frame made of Carrara marble that supports the playing surface in Alcantara®.

The chrome finished metal legs make this jewel of Italian design even more brilliant.

Impatia at fancy temporary store Nyc.

Impatia is proud to announce that our Filotto pool table will be the centerpiece of Fancy’s first ever retail store in Nyc. In Nolita, one of the trendiest Manhattan neighborhoods, the shop will host amazing events like new album releases, TV show sets, fashion brand collections unveiling during the NY Fashion Week and much more.

Impatia launches partnership with Ralph Lauren in New York

Impatia is proud to announce that our Filotto pool table will be the centerpiece of Fancy’s first ever retail store in Nyc. In Nolita, one of the trendiest Manhattan neighborhoods, the shop will host amazing events like new album releases, TV show sets, fashion brand collections unveiling during the NY Fashion Week and much more.

Impatia in America’s most expensive home.

January 18th 2017 – Finally unveiled the ultra luxury mansion in Bel Air, a 250 million dollar house. “curated for the ultimate billionaire who wants the best of everything that exist in life” [says its developer, Bruce Makowsky].

Among the “best of everything” Filotto pool table and Lungolinea ping pong table have been featured in this stunning home.

The creative lab and showroom inaugurated during milan design week 2016.

A fascinating factory from the early 1900s is the location of the Impatia’s creative lab, where ideas take shape, where projects become prototypes and then products. It’s an authentic design factory, a meeting point for architects, designers and skilful artisans.

Normally used as showroom by appointment only, it exceptionally opened its doors to the public during Milan Design Week. Unootto, Filotto and Lungolinea all aligned welcome, enchant and amaze visitors.

It’s time to push on further – the rebranding process.

As part of our rebranding process, a brand new trade mark has officially been created. IMPATIA is the new BD Collection, the newly launched brand aims to go beyond the concepts of B2B and B2C aiming towards a new dimension, an empathic one, the H2H – Human to Human.