Lungolinea @ New York

Color, Energy, and Contemporary Art Impart a Sense of Wow in This Soho Apartment

Impatia’s ping pong table Lungolinea was included in an Elena Frampton’s project, an apartment in downtown Manhattan.


Frampton got started in the extra-large living room, crafting several seating arrangements and layering in color-drenched rugs, vintage furniture silhouettes, and impressive art installations. The white space of the ceiling stuck out like a sore thumb against the wall-to-wall windows, so the designer toned down the color and made it high gloss. Though not one for formal dining, her client loves to entertain and does so often. A third bedroom was transformed into a sexy lounge space with a low-slung game table for take-out meals and evening cocktails. So as not to abandon all bachelor pad conventions, nearby there’s a glass Ping-Pong table from Impatia. “We had a clear vision,” the homeowner says. “I wanted to make a statement.”


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