A Lavish Game Set Collection Like No Other

A Lavish Game Set Collection Like No Other

As we continue the journey to infuse the world of game tables with luxury and design, IMPATIA introduces the launch of a precious leather game set collection. Designed in-house by the IMPATIA R&D team, this new range of exquisite accessories is the epitome of Italian-made craftsmanship.

Carefully curated from the highest quality of material, these lavish game sets showcase vivid colors complemented by rich natural textures. Minimalist in design and timeless in their beauty, each set highlights a significant level of mastery exhibited by talented Italian leatherworkers.

Now available in a series of billiards, checkers, backgammon, mahjong, and poker, this unique collection combines the elegance of exotic skins with the modern touch of glass and metal components. Far from the ordinary, these collectible design pieces are bound to enhance any game table.

*All leathers used in this collection are supplied by Louisiane – Gruppo Hcp, which ensure secure, ethical, and respectful welfare of animals with a guaranteed unit traceability.