Impatia @ Swiss Design Award 19

Impatia @ Swiss Design Award 19.

Impatia is proud to announce that the Lungolinea Wood Edition Ping Pong table, designed by Davide and Gabriele Adriano, has been selected among the finalists for this year’s LDD award sponsored by Palo Alto SA.

Promoted and organized as part of artecasalugano, LDD-Award 19 recognizes design excellence in a range of design disciplines with the aim of rewarding and enhancing the skills of designers, architects and companies.

As part of the collective exhibition, the Lungolinea Wood Edition Ping Pong table, amongother finalists will be on display in the Design Gallery located in the Lugano design district from October 11th -20th.

LDD Award | Lugano (Switzerland)
Lugano Exhibition Center