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Scivolo Shuffleboard Table

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The Scivolo is a masterpiece of design and craftsmanship, blending the natural beauty of walnut wood with the sleek modernity of glass, all while adding the luxurious touch of Alcantara covering.
The principal structure, crafted from rich walnut wood, is celebrated for its vibrant, warm tones and distin- guished grain details, lending the piece an air of classic elegance.

The playing surface of the shuffleboard, a hallmark of Impatia’s innovative approach, is made from a clear, durable glass, offering a smooth, flat area for the game while allowing players and spectators alike to ad- mire the structural beauty beneath.

The distinctive feature of the Scivolo, setting it apart from other shuffleboards, would be its Alcantara cove- ring. The combination of these materials – the warmth of walnut wood, the clarity of glass, and the softness of Alcantara – makes the Scivolo a remarkable piece of furniture that is as much a functional game table as it is a work of art.