IMPATIA Modern game tables

Reinventing the Classics
At Impatia, each luxury game table is a tale of excellence driven by the influences of Italian design, art, and craftsmanship. Made exclusively in Italy by artisans, each contemporary creation manifests a distinct and daring aesthetic that pushes the boundaries of the game table industry to new heights. Highlighted by technical development and a refined look, Impatia’s collection of luxury and glass game tables takes you on a journey that aims to reinvent the classics.
Impatia, luxury and glass game table
modern billiard tables
Filotto is a contemporary glass pool table collection that offers a stylish and modern design complemented by technological sophistication and craftsmanship. This unique range of luxury 8ft pro billiard tables is a work of art with a high-quality gaming experience.

The Lungolinea collection takes the luxury game tables to new heights with its modern design and sleek aesthetic. Available in a range of luxury editions, each luxury ping pong table embodies the highest level of Italian craftsmanship.

custom poker tables
The Unootto collection offers a luxurious range of modern and luxury poker tables created by Italian artisans. Designed with a blend of high-quality materials, this collection of contemporary game tables makes the game of poker that much more stylish and sophisticated.
unootto, luxury poker table, luxury game table
luxury poker set
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Among a strong focus on developing one of kind game tables, Impatia offers a range of luxury accessories that complement each table perfectly, like the luxury poker set made with leather and precious glass details.